Care as Unique as Your Family

Midwifery care is family centered care. At Greatest Joy Midwifery, you are encouraged to be an active participant in your care. That means that you get complete, personal care that is as unique as you and your baby are.

Your Birth, Your Way

You will never forget the moment you meet your baby for the first time. I help moms have positive birth experiences so they can meet their babies in a peaceful and private environment.

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I could not have asked for a better partner and guide throughout my pregnancy and labor. Kristy answered questions from a first time mom (and dad!) with endless patience and was a calm and steady presence that we could trust to provide us with reliable information, while still giving us the space to make our own decisions. The relationship we built with Kristy during our prenatal visits was invaluable in making our birth the safe and meaningful experience that we hoped it would be.

Kristy Hammack, LM CPM

Kristy Hammack, Homebirth Midwife

The greatest joy is to become a mother; the second greatest is to be a midwife.

-Norwegian proverb

Being a mother transformed me in ways that I never thought possible, and my first out of hospital birth was an experience like no other. Being able to hold my baby immediately, and get to count all those fingers and toes and marvel over those feather soft eyelashes without disruption was a beautiful experience. I fell head over heals in love and committed myself to helping women have safe, beautiful births that let them bond with their babies undisturbed.

For over 10 years I’ve been supporting women in birth; first as a doula, then as a student midwife, and finally as a licensed midwife supporting women. Since graduating midwifery school, I have continued with my ongoing training, research, drills, and, of course, hands on experience attending births!

Get to know me better and read about my education and training here.

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