Are you ready for the best day of your life?

Can you imagine looking forward to your labor and birth as much as you are looking forward to your baby? Imagine looking back at your baby’s entire birth day with a smile on your face, savoring every memory? It’s possible to feel excited and prepared for your birth, just like you feel excited and ready for your baby!

But right now, you might not know what to expect. You baby’s birth day may feel far away and be a little bit intimidating. Maybe you’re worried about how to have a birth that’s both safe and positive, or lets you and your family take center stage. You are an informed parent and you want to make decisions that create a personalized plan of care for you and your baby!

Maybe you’ve already had a less than satisfying birth. Or maybe this is your first baby and you’re just learning about all of your options. You’ve probably read some pregnancy and birth books, or maybe you’ve already started seeing someone and you’re not sure your choices are being heard or understood.

I’ve been there myself…

When my first child was born, I didn’t even know I had options. And you know what they say – if you don’t know your options, you don’t have any. Now, I love my son and the day I became a mother was an amazing experience. It started the best part of my life. But I would have loved to have had more of a say about how and the circumstances under which he was born. I wish I had understood more about what was happening to me and what the after effects would be. Most of all, I wish I could have held him immediately, spent all of his first hours just holding him and marveling at him.

It was purely by chance that I met a student midwife when he was young, and I realized that birth could be a completely different experience!

That’s why I became a midwife

Greatest Joy Midwifery is about helping families who want to meet their baby in an intimate and family centered environment. I love supporting other moms and their families through some of the most important days of their lives – memories where their baby is front and center, not policies and procedures.

Care With Greatest Joy Midwifery Includes

  • Complete prenatal care – regular checkups, plus support and education for your entire pregnancy
  • Full labor support from active labor through the first few hours following the birth
  • Care for mom and baby for 6 weeks
  • Unlimited access to your midwife for questions and concerns
  • A full lending library
  • Second midwife at your birth and immediate postpartum period so that there’s someone for you and someone for your baby
  • Access to a consulting physician if needed

What to expect

Your prenatal, birth, and postpartum care is comprehensive. Your appointments can start as early in your pregnancy as you would like and include as many appointments as you may need! Your prenatal care is personalized by the wants and needs of your family – your appointments are long enough to check on your physical well-being but also includes time to talk about your thoughts and feelings about your pregnancy and your plans for your birth and your baby! Your birth plans and wishes are honored and embraced. This is care where you are an active participant in decision making and planning.

Whether this is your first baby or your birth, you can have a safe, positive experience where you feel knowledgeable and prepared for your birth and your baby.

Who is Greatest Joy Midwifery for?

We could work well together if

  • You are a healthy woman enjoying a low risk pregnancy, expecting a healthy baby
  • You want to be involved in making informed decisions about your care
  • You want a home or birth center birth
  • You live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas

We may not be the best fit if

  • You are higher risk and need a higher level of care
  • You would prefer a hospital birth or care from a physician
  • You want managed care with little input from you
  • You don’t live in my area!

How Much Does it Cost?

A special note for families who want to use their health insurance: I am happy to accept most major health insurances. Your cost for care depends on your deductible and coinsurance. To understand what your financial responsibility would be, please contact me for more information. The following information is for families who intend to pre-pay out of pocket.

Your complete and comprehensive package for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care for you and your baby is $4,500. This includes all of your prenatal appointments, care for your entire birth and immediate postpartum period, and postpartum appointments for your and your baby. Your fee also includes all routine labwork and the fee for a second midwife to be present at your birth. You may have some additional fees for supplies or care provided by someone else – my fee does not include disposable birth supplies (pads, mattress covers, birth tub rental from a third party, etc) or appointments with other providers, such as a sonographer or any appointments with a physician (not necessary for most women.) If you choose a birth center birth, the birth center fee is included with your package.

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